Bay Challenge

Race Information

2016 Race Date: Saturday, August 6, with mandatory pre-race meeting Friday August 5, 2016

Race Start Location:  Sandy Cove Beach, West Vancouver BC

Race Finish Location: Kitsilano Beach, Vancouver BC

Distance: 9 km (Solo and Relay option) – Course Map


  • All Bay Challenge solo swimmers and relay teams are required to have their own support boat.
  • The Bay Challenge is a wetsuit mandatory race.


Pre-Race Preparation

Crossing English Bay is a significant physical and mental challenge!

Tidal and weather activity within the bay can significantly increase the distance and time you are required to swim. Water temperature can vary over the course depending on the season; swimmers should expect and be prepared for temperatures between 12 °C in the channel and up to 22 °C near the finish.

To increase safety for all swimmers for the 2015 season and to ensure that participants are adequately prepared to challenge English Bay, there are two notable changes to the race structure from prior years.

The first is the introduction of a swim corridor (Link) that requires swimmers to stay within the bounds of the course path for swift support response. Note the 2 hour cut-off point to clear the ingress zone is past the shipping channel marker (See Safety Policy) at ~3km into the race ideally swum to swimmers left.

The second is the submission of previous swimming / baseline records to VOWSA* up to 3 weeks prior to the swim. This can include the baseline sheet (Link) plus:

• A completed 1 hour distance trial (Link)
• A timed completion of 2 laps of the Kitsilano course at a designated VOWSA practice swim
• Results from a 2015 2km+ open water swim race.

To adequately prepare yourself for the challenge of completing this race you should be comfortable swimming 1 hour continuously for a MINIMUM of: 3km in a pool (a 2:00 min/100m pace) or 2.65km in open water (a 2:15 min/100m pace).**

VOWSA will be hosting an information session in June to answer any further questions about the event. Prior to this if you have any questions regarding these or any of the policies governing this race contact the race director.

* The distance trial log may be submitted digitally to VOWSA.racedirector “at”, physically to one of the practice swims, or via snail mail PO Box 5063 Stn Terminal, Vancouver, BC V6B 4A9

** These minimums are in no way a guarantee of completing the course prior to the race cut-off deadline. As stated, changes to meteorological conditions on the day of the race can significantly increase the ~9.1km total distance in 4 hours (at minimum a 2:38 min/100m pace).

Pre-Race Meeting Information

All swimmers and support crew MUST attend the pre-race meeting. Boat pilots will be required to produce a Canadian Boating License, as required by Transport Canada. Check here for more information.

Date: Friday August 5, 2016

Time: 6:00 PM – 7:30 PM

Location: Kitsilano Beach – Map

  • We will review the course and safety/emergency procedures in detail, and you will receive your race package and race numbers.
  • All swimmers will sign a waiver and a $700.00 indemnification for the VHF radios VOWSA is providing.
  • Remember to bring your dry bag  to the pre-race meeting. Your dry bag will be securely stored overnight at Kitsilano Beach (if we do not have it, you will not have a warm change of clothes at the finish line!)


For an overview of the event details, please review the 2015 Bay Challenge Safety Policy.

NOTE: Every boat operator MUST have a on board a VHF radio, boater’s licence (PCOL) and Transport Canada approved Equipment. Failure to comply with any of these safety requirements will result in a disqualification from the race.

If you unsure about any of these requirements, please review the Bay Challenge Safety Policy prior to emailing VOWSA.racedirector “at” with the subject line: Bay Challenge Safety Requirements

Cut-off Times

There are 3 safety cut-off points marked on the map in the 2015 Safety Policy Appendix I. If a swimmer fails to achieve any of these, they will have to abort their race.

  • The first is a 1.5 hour limit: From the time the race starts to pass the mid-ingress zone yellow marker buoy line as it extends from the tip of Stanley Park. The distance to this mark is ~3km; to achieve the 4.5 hour limit you should expect to reach this mark in less than 1h15 however an additional buffer is added to account for the tidal inflow conditions aiding swimmers past this mark.
  • The second is a 2 hour limit: From the time the race begins we are permitted this length of time by harbour authorities to clear the ingress path for deep water vessels illustrated on the Safety Policy map. At the 2 hour limit if the swimmer has failed to pass the marker buoy they will be instructed to pull their swimmer and transport them to the race finish to be reviewed by VOWSA medical staff.
  • The third is a 4.5 hour limit: From the time the race starts to make it inside the white markers at Kits Beach. When this time elapses any swimmers remaining outside the white markers must exit the water and return immediately to the race finish to be reviewed by VOWSA medical staff.


Registration for 2015 is now closed.

For technical problems with registration please contact


2015 Registration Fees

Category Entry Fee
Bay Challenge SOLO $120.00 (includes radio rental)
Bay Challenge RELAY (2-3 people) $170.00 (per team, includes radio rental)
Only the team captain registers – other team members will register at pre-race briefing
Bay Challenge RELAY (4+ people) $170.00 (per team, includes radio rental)
Only the team captain registers – other team members will register at pre-race briefing

All entries are non-refundable and non-transferable.

Race Schedule

Check in times

  • 6:30 am — Check-in begins for Solo & Relay participants
  • 6:50 am — Check-in closes for Solo & Relay participants

Failure to check-in during the appropriate check-in period will result in entry cancellation.

Race Start Time

  • 7:00 am — Solo & Relay start

Start times are approximate and may be delayed.


The Bay Challenge is a wetsuit mandatory race.

Don’t have a wetsuit?  A great place to rent or purchase a wetsuit is West Point Multisport.  They are located at 3780 West 10th Avenue (South side of the street, between Alma and Highbury).  They also carry a wide selection of swim caps, goggles, swim suits and other swimming accessories, as well as triathlon products.  You can contact them at 604-569-1102 or by email at Please mention you heard of them through VOWSA.

For more information, check out our wetsuit sponsor page.

Additional Information

VOWSA reserves the right to reschedule or cancel events if water conditions are unsafe. VOWSA reserves the right to refuse entry based on safety or health concerns or previous violations of official rules.

If you have any photos of the race and would like to share them on VOWSA’s FacebookFlickr page, please email swimVOWSA “at” with the subject line: VOWSA 2015 – Bay Challenge

Still have questions? Visit our FAQ page.

Thank you to our 2015 sponsors, who have provided prizes, food & drinks for this event

West Point Multisport